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Acting classes are a must for any actor. SAC is a screen acting school focusing on the niche group of actors who are taking this seriously and want a career in acting. NO BS!

Acting classes in a safe, challenging environment to push yourself into new territory and empower you to crash through obstacles.

Get in front of that camera and join our acting classes

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Acting Classes with SAC

Every successful actor shares one thing in common… amazing acting classes!

SAC run boutique acting classes for serious actors.

SAC is famed for our ability to work with more advanced and experienced actors looking to further grow their craft and ultimately themselves. This doesn’t mean we ignore our up and coming actors and as such we offer fantastic beginner classes for fresh talent looking to secure a career in acting.

Sydney Actors Collective classes run in eight week terms throughout the year. In each class you will work on a new scene sourced from our extensive database and individually curated to push the actor out of their comfort zone.

From beginner to intermediate to advanced, we have an acting class for you.

Check out our range of SAC Acting classes below.

Monday Next Steps – Beginner Acting class

Pip Edwards: BEGINNER ACTING CLASSES – SAC is proud to have launched our Next Steps program, a beginner acting class for those who want to take their screen acting journey to the next step! A career in Film and TV acting can be one of the most rewarding experiences but, it requires great skill and…

Tuesday Scene Study – Intermediate to Advanced

Eden Falk: SCENE STUDY FOR INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED –  Acting is not something that happens in isolation. It’s not something you can do on your own. Crowd favorite, Eden brings his skills as an actor and director to breakdown structure and nuance within the scenes, thus enabling the actor to make bold and confident choices…

Wednesday In The Room – Audition Class for experienced actors

Socratis Otto: AUDITION TECHNIQUE FOR ADVANCED ACTORS – A CLASS BASED ON A CASTING ROOM MODEL TO HELP EXPERIENCED ACTORS MASTER THE ART OF AUDITIONING IN THE ROOM The acting industry is exciting and fun but one thing we can all agree on is that there isn’t enough work or enough opportunities for actors to…

Thursday Scene Study – Intermediate to Advanced

Emma Jackson: SCENE STUDY FOR ADVANCED ACTORS –  If you feel like you need extra motivation then this class is for you. Emma brings her hands on and physical approach and her work as an actor, director and corporate coach to help guide professional actors even further, unlock emotional and or mental blocks and get…

Saturday Acting Class – Intermediate to Advanced

Socratis Otto: ACTING CLASS FOR INTERMEDIATE ACTORS – Socratis’ approach is simple – he guides students away from their inner critic and refocuses their understanding of ‘the work’, providing practical steps to assist in remaining present and free. He breaks down perceptions about acting and the industry and works closely with each student to reset…

Check out one some of our previous one off courses.


SAC Flow – A healthy mindstate is a successful Actor

So you want to be a working actor? Awesome…how’s it going? Are you there? On that awesome set/stage? That great agent? Do you feel confident and ready? Or do you feel like it could be slipping out of your grasp or the waters are getting murky?   Just for fun, write down, yes now, write…

In The Frame – A course for Directors

Working with Actors -A course for Directors who are serious about optimizing the actor’s potential.     This course is specifically designed for film directors, emerging and established, who truly want to understand the potential of the rehearsal process and elevate their work. This is a chance to work with professional actors analysing and expanding your current practice, improving your collaborative creative skill-set and gaining the necessary tools to run a comprehensive and…

Train with LA Professionals without leaving your home! LA ONLINE COURSE

Want to work with some of Hollywoods most experienced, in demand professionals without leaving your home? SAC is launching our second LA ONLINE EXPERIENCE course exclusively for Australian/New Zealand actors. This course is specifically for non beginner, experienced, represented actors who want to truly test their skills in the mecca of acting. This course is…

I used a bunch of SAC actors on two of my projects. The were not afraid of the camera. Which is everything a director can ask for. LOVE SAC

Ian Meadows
Ian Meadows Director - The Turning

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